Trimurti Yoga is 5 Years Old! Yay! Let’s Celebrate!

Welcome to Trimurti Yoga Goa

How Trimurti Yoga Has Started

We started in 2010. One year before, in 2009 we met, fell in love with each other and just knew we needed to leave our previous lives to be together. I left Warsaw and Berlin, Ajay – Bielefeld. I left my theatre and music, Ajay – his jewellery business. We both needed a break from the void of our realities, maybe that’s what connected us at first. We travelled around India, I studied my Yoga, Ajay meditation and philosophy. Some days we did nothing special, just observing people, being in Nature, going for a walk. Some days we studied and learned a lot. We visited many places, ashrams, schools, even temples. We both were looking for a new plan for life. One day Ajay took me to the beach in Goa, sat me down, and taught me a short and easy meditation technique. He knew how much meditation could help me. “This is how you will figure out what you want” – he said. And I did, after a while. I knew I wanted to teach people, I knew I wanted to help them grow and shine. Yoga was a natural gate.

Our first Yoga plan was to empower yoga teachers and students to take care for people who might be excluded from the society and yoga classes. As I was working before with Down Syndrome kids, youths from poor families, seniors and diabetics our natural thinking was to start o projects and workshops for those who not necessarily have opportunity, money and acceptance to enter yoga shala. Soon our project grew up more than we thought, cause we got an offer to join Yoga Teacher Training Courses. Our ideas to educate people about equality, about including all challenging groups in yoga classes (as well as technical knowledge about how to actually do it) met a lot of enthusiasm and we have been requested for more. We were trying to encourage our trainees to find their special target – people with depression, prisoners, food disorders, kids, immigrants, etc. and to prepare a special offer for them. Yoga shouldn’t exclude anyone – we taught. Karma Yoga was (and still is) my favourite path of Yoga….

We also discovered that yoga teachers and people who want to become one – need a lot of tools to feel confident to work with other people, to manage “teaching” and groups. In my opinion TTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) shouldn’t be focused only on Yoga and its technique, but also – equally important – on ART OF TEACHING and MANGING people. Yoga practitioners are usually vulnerable and need a big awareness. So we came up with more ideas for teaching methodology, which was missing in yoga education as such. Performing beautiful poses – yes, that’s inspiring, but observing and listening to people, creativity in preparing the classes, modifications for all people who cannot flex the way Yoga wants… that was our new mission!

We noticed quite fast that many people come to us, to India cause they need HEALING. They need to figure out things, who they are, what they want. We decided to build a module that would serve to this need of trainees. Ajay knew beautiful meditation techniques from Osho, Buddhism, and his own experience. We invited also teachers who worked with contact dance improvisation, contemporary healing techniques, chakra therapy – all to support the students needing to solve their issues and enable them to start helping others.

There were ups and downs. We struggled with places that we were renting for courses. Arambol was a true horror for me. Too many drugs and parties, too many people with weird and quite aggressive energy. Two years ago, Ajay decided to build our own place in South Goa, near the place where I fell in love with him. We felt back home!

We decided to build something between an ashram and a resort. I don’t like “posh yoga”, so I wanted it to be modest, yet comfortable enough to survive our  one-month training with a pleasure. It is not easy to find a balance between teaching people and satisfying their needs, yet we try all the time. The rooms are really nice, the yoga hall feels good too. But I didn’t want to make it exclusive, cause it would take the whole charm fo this experience. I wanted some more natural environment, good for yoga, good for a retreat.

My dream was to build a place that connects. A kind of community, but not in a hippie style. I mean, the real Hippie Movement can be beautiful, but in reality, inIndia, I met only quite fake hippies – rather escapists, people without grounding. I like community, I like being together, but I don’t like a careless and irresponsible attitude which I saw often in Arambol among hippie groups. I wanted to work with normal pupils – seekers, but grounded and balanced. Or – even if not balanced yet – at least looking for a balance. I like my own space, so it was important for me to create this place with space for people. In a way, you share this full month with 20 other people, but  you have your privacy, your individual personality, your I believe you can find something between commercial and hippie… That’s what we try to be.


We wanted to connect East with West. Yoga comes from India, but it evolved in the West a lot! Today we live in amazing times – we have an access to all paradigms – Western medicine, Ayurveda, Chakras, Yoga, TCM, acupressure, meridians, herbs… We have access to all the styles – Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Iyengar, Sivananda, Aerial Yoga… Our aim is to share all these disciplines, to spread many ways of doing the same – FINDING HAPPINESS! We work with people from all over the world because we want to connect and confront different opinions, different cultures, different nations, different personalities. We want people to find their own Yoga and their own teaching collecting from everyone, and getting inspired by many. Someone called us United Colours of Yoga. Yes, that’s what we are! Our team is colorful, full of contrasts and differences, but we all love yoga, we love people, and we love teaching.

I wish us happy upcoming years! We are where we are thanks to many – students, teachers, managers, marketing people… We still improve and evolve, just like all of our students. I am happy that for the 5th Anniversary we have opened 300 hours Yoga TTC, we have Prenatal Yoga TTC, Yin TTC is coming soon, as well as Yoga Therapy courses. We are proud parents of Trimurti Family. I think we made our life… And, what a journey! All started from our personal LOVE, and now it is LOVE connecting thousands….


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