To Escape From the Everyday Rush – I Meditate!

Sofia Maria Searty about Meditation:

Just to get one thing clear, you don’t have to meditate to do yoga and you don’t have to do yoga to meditate. Meditation is based on self-realization. Its essence aims to relax, accept our environment and come to peace with ourselves.

Meditation happens when the mind becomes quiet; this means it surrenders to our greed, un-satisfaction or craving for recognition. We realize this, and our body turns into ultimate balance between mind, body and soul.

Dictionary definitions describe Meditation as a state, “to consider” or “to reflect”. You can decide to meditate about issues you are having or even dedicate your meditation to a specific person or conflict in our society.

During the practice of Yoga however, meditation is more a state of pure consciousness. Some Yogis meditate before and after their practice to ensure a full rounded state of mind. The first meditation at the beginning of class opens you up to embrace the practice ahead of you, bringing your body to an alignment.

Meditation isn’t easy but once you understand the power it has on calming the mind, you realize how important it is, especially also in improving your asana practice. Even if it is just a 5 minute Meditation!


My favorite Yoga poses to escape the everyday rush

The beauty of yoga is that it helps us all get away and ensure that we stay balanced. Here are 5 of my favorite poses to release stress and negative emotions…

The Pigeon Pose. Yogis believe we store our emotions in our hips, so the Pigeon Pose, which is a hip opener, helps to release a lot of negative emotions. Also both the pelvis and the hip area is a center for creativity, so holding the pigeon pose for several minutes is the best medicine for blocked creativity.

Child’s Pose. Whenever I feel like I have no energy left, or I just need to escape the everyday rush, I go into child’s pose. It is the best way to relax and let go, either during yoga or even just for a few minutes during a hectic day.

Seated Garudasana (Eagle Pose). This pose is also a hip- opener, which unblocks creativity and lets go of unnecessary emotions. In addition, the eagle pose stretches the shoulders. This releases the tension in your neck, shoulders and entire back, and so of course it also helps your posture.

Sirsasana (Headstand). This is by far my favorite posture. There are so many benefits to this pose its incredible. It not only brings oxygen to the brain but it dissolves stress, sadness, it cleanses and massages the internal organs, tones the abdomen, legs and neck muscles as well as stimulates the nervous system, increasing concentration and overall mental power.


Sofia is a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour Multi-style Yoga teacher. She completed her teacher training in Dharamshala, India with Trimurti Yoga. Born in Nairobi, she grew up in Africa, Germany, Qatar and she is currently based in Dubai.

“I am very passionate about sharing all the beautiful benefits of yoga with everyone around me. It is so much more than what most imagine. Yoga is a journey towards creating a deeper connection and understanding of your own body on both a physical and mental level.”

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