Should Kids Do Yoga?

image1-260x184Yoga and kids are a great combination! Yoga not only helps kids to stay flexible, healthy and  happy, but it teaches them good habits and can be fun and adventure!

Our 3 top reasons why kids MUST do Yoga:

1. Fun! – Yes, Yoga can be fun. Kids love to fall down and get up again. Just as in life. They can laugh at themselves, topple over and roll over the floor while doing yoga, and literally enjoy the rush. There is no competition.

2. Concentration- Kids having an amazing energy. They focus all this energy on the world outside, run about. Yoga helps kids turn inwards. They can focus on their breath, while trying to meditate. They can focus on a single pose and its requirements to increase concentration. All this tuning in can help not just with Yoga but several other daily tasks, like homework.

3. Confidence: Every small stretch, is an accomplishment for a child. Just as toddlers are overjoyed at the thought of being able to stand on their own feet, young ones enjoy being able to achieve every small pose. Our teachers encourage little ones and help them at every single step in a loving way!

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