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Prianca Shharma – Yoga Teacher

Prianca Shharma Yoga Teacher at Trimurti Yoga

Teaching, though an incredible boon for the teacher, is for the students.

Teaching is to give without attachment, and to humbly lead.

It is the job of the teacher to assist others in their own self-reflection, to share tools, ideas and hold the space so that each one finds his/her own empowered experience of life.

Awareness and reflection are as essential to teaching as they are to practice. Poets start with words and lines, painters with primary colours, and as teachers, we hone the craft and then step back, allowing yoga to perform its magic.

I started practicing yoga in my early twenties. Thanks to my years of dancing and associated weight training, as well as due to the acting background, I was broken and stiff as a steel rod. It took me years to become a consistent student of yoga. I was too attached to old lifestyle and its choices.

After several years of practice, I got the most valuable gift of my life – the opportunity to teach yoga and take my passion to another level. I did my teacher training and started teaching Hot Yoga. The more I taught, the more I had the hunger to learn and explore. I did an Ayurveda Course, then Yoga Philosophy Course, and this took me to my search for myself – I started seeking “Divine” through the self-realisation. Meditation and chanting of mantras gave me better understanding of my practise, and helped me to take my teaching ahead. I did a course in Reiki to be able to help people as my search kept taking me back to my hunger and will to help everyone around me. To be able to constantly evolve, I have started channeling my energy to expecting mums, and have got certified to teach pre- and postnatal yoga. The best part about teaching is to meet all the students, and I hope I can inspire them in my humble little way.

Love and Light,


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