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trimurti-yoga-ttc043-260x172Mantras are getting more and more popularity in the West. In India, I hear Mantras every day – my Mother in Law chants them twice a day at her altar. But mantras are above religions – they were supposed to simply focus our mind, and bring back the peace. Whenever a person’s thoughts are drawn in that chaos they help to concentrate on the chosen phrase or intention. This Peace mantra is well known in the West, and very likely chanted by many. You can hear it in different melodies, however, mantras are strictly codified by Indian tradition – it is not only about words, but also sounds and tones. The meaning is truly beautiful, though! Please, try this:

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti-hi

“May all living beings be happy and free. Om, peace, peace, peace.” (there are many translations, I give you my favourite)

I learn mantras only from Indian teachers. Western tongue, most probably, will never be able to pronounce it properly, so the closer to the source – the better. In Trimurti Yoga, we have a special teacher who is teaching chanting and gives a basic explanation about mantras and their meanings. Sometimes we also invite modern spiritual singers to chant their contemporary versions of mantras. Both ways are really magical! Even students who had objections, and didn’t want to chant at first, once they discover the meaning and beauty of these sacred sounds they cannot stop! We never force, naturally…

This peace mantra can be chanted by all every day. You can start or finish your practice with this kind intention. At the bottoms of our hearts, this is exactly what we all want: peace amongst all the creatures of the Earth. Whenever we are prone to bad news about wars and disasters we should focus on peace mantra to balance our fears and doubts. Praying for all beings, humans and animals, plants expands the depths of our mind and makes us more receptive towards the energies around us.

Use this as a mantra not just for yoga, but for life!



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