Kids Yoga

Tree Pose:

Learning balance is important from the earliest childhood! Tree Pose is not only a great asana for practicing standing on one leg, staying focused and strong, but it is a lot of fun! The practice can be accompanied by cool stories, games and even theatre!

How do you do the pose?

  1. Stand straight with arms by your side.
  2. Life the right leg and place the foot nearing the end of the left thigh. Don’t press your knee!
  3. Make sure the left leg is straight.
  4. Keep your back straight, foot rooted to the ground.
  5. Try to equalise your hips which should face front.
  6. Once balanced, raise your arms in a “Namaste” above your head. If you don’t feel comfortable spread your arms shoulder width apart.
  7. Look at any object right in front of you. This helps you fix your concentration.
  8. Repeat with the other leg


This pose is a great exercise for the mind. It helps you build concentration and maintain balance.

It also helps open up the hip joint and makes legs strong.

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