Kids Yoga – Lion Pose

Lion is a king of all animals. During a kids yoga class we can discuss his virtues with our pupils. What does a good king? What is a difference between strength and violence? What does it mean to be brave? Lion pose a a great fun and beneficial asana, good for digestion, self esteem and releasing excessive energy.

Lion Pose:

  1. Kneel down and then sit back on your heels.
  2. Keep your hands, palms open on your knees (in another version you can keep the space between your thighs and bring your palm in-between.
  3. Take a deep breath, inhaling through your nose.
  4. Open your mouth, open your eyes wide, stretch your tongue out and ‘ROAR’.


This Asana is great for calming the mind, relieving fatigue and stress, removing unnecessary heat. It’s also a lot of fun with kids!

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