How to Become a Certified Yoga Instructor?

As someone who loves yoga, you understand the therapeutic effect it has on your mind and body. Wouldn’t you want to share the benefits of this holistic practice? Introduce your friends and family to the benefits of yoga by becoming a certified yoga teacher.

“But, I’ll only be teaching my friends and family, should I still get certified?”

Getting the right knowledge and knowing the correct methodology is important to ensure that those closest to you are getting the right information.

Becoming a yoga teacher is one of the most enriching and fulfilling professions. It gives you a chance to change someone’s mindset and life. So how do you become a Certified yoga instructor course India.

Becoming a qualified yoga instructor requires a few steps:

#1 Choose your ‘why’

A good yoga teacher knows his mission and his purpose for becoming a yoga teacher.

This realization will help you to choose the proper yoga style, and dedicate your time and effort towards a specific direction. My purpose was to introduce the therapeutic benefit of yoga and support people who have undergone physical and mental issues. As a Type I diabetic, yoga has been helping me counter the consequences of the disease since the last twenty years. It helped me to wake up and go through the day with kindness, not just towards others, but myself as well. And I wanted to share the same aspect with others.

Once I discovered my mission – I knew which tools and styles would assist me in my purpose. Surprisingly, there were certain common elements of yoga that didn’t align with the information and tool that was required to help. Today I specialize in yoga as a therapy, and I work with many clients with different kinds of challenges: pregnant women, people with metabolic disorders, students with anxiety, people with Down Syndrome… but you could choose a completely different approach.

At Trimurti, we have teachers who specialize in anatomy and physical practice. They train people to lose weight, build muscles, improve endurance, etc. through yoga. There are teachers who specialize in meditation and yoga nidra (‘yogic sleep’); teachers who specialize in providing support for mental conditions by combining yoga with psychotherapy and stress management. But if you’re still confused about your path within yoga, we’ll help you figure it out when you come for 200 Yoga TTC at Trimurti.


#2 Take the decision and get ready

Ok, so let’s say you want to go for a Yoga TTC, but then you might think “When am I actually ready?”

Perhaps there is no best time for joining 200-hour yoga teacher training India on one hand, you don’t want it to be too early, and you want to be physically fit and mentally ready. On the other – you don’t want to postpone the course till you master every little pose, as it will never happen. So when’s the ideal time? Well, anyone who’s had two years of solid practice in yoga and has taken regular classes to understand the foundation is a good candidate.  We’ve had students who practiced yoga just for a few months, but their background (physiotherapy, gymnastics, dancing, etc.) made them extraordinary students, so their practice was deep and solid, despite the shorter duration.

Our suggestion is simply to join whenever you feel ready! If you feel you are – just make up your mind and do it!


#3 Choose a proper certified Yoga Alliance course.

So, which style and course are perfect for you? If you are not sure, or you have not decided yet, the multi-style yoga teacher training is the best option for you. You can study a few styles, and decide which one you want to go deeper into, or simply create your own eclectic style later.

At Trimurti Yoga Multi-style 200-hour course, we teach classical Hatha, structured and technical Ashtanga, and modern creative Vinyasa Flow. We added to these three great milestones in the history of yoga – the elements of yin yoga and restorative practices – to introduce our students to further options.


#4 Apply, click “send”, and prepare your journey!

Yoga TTC is always an amazing adventure. Make sure you check all the formalities: requirements for the visa, best flight connections, information about the place you are going to join, and most importantly, prepare your body and mind, though. The four-week course requires stamina and motivation. So, be prepared, physically and mentally.

Regular yoga classes and breathing exercise or meditation will help you to be in full form. Yoga Teacher Training is a big investment, so it is better to get from it as much as possible. But honestly, a healthy diet, a good yoga routine, and an open heart are all you need!


#5 Practice, practice, practice.

Self-practice, even after learning the nuances of the course is important. Only by performing and exploring asanas on your own body you will understand their benefits and challenges. It is good to read yoga books and articles too, but without any core experience, your knowledge will remain incomplete.

At Trimurti Yoga, we advise you to practice with different teachers, perhaps even trying many styles and traditions. While it is good to have one dedicated practice and clear preferences, it is also good for your future teaching skills to understand the basic differences between various styles, sequences, and opinions. You will teach people across ages, professions, and different pre-conditions, so what they need to learn about yoga might be totally different from your own experience. Understanding many different ways will make you a better expert because teaching yoga is nothing but a service to others.

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