Hot or Not!

Hot Yoga is practiced where you increase the temperature of a room to 100 degrees F/ 40 degrees Celsius (approximately) to bring external heat to your yogic practice. Hot yoga uses static positions which results in lengthening specific parts of the body – depending on the pose that you are in.

Important to know – Yoga produces internal heat: Just like any other form of exercise; yoga produces internal heat. What does a body do in response? It sweats. When you sweat the body cools down. This helps your body remain within a normal range of body temperature. What happens in a heated room is – even if you sweat your body does not cool down. This allows you to stay warm and flexible, but it can lead also to extreme exhaustion or even heat stroke! That’s because your body continues to sweat, but your body doesn’t cool down. This extreme sweating can lead to dehydration, decreased blood pressure, blood sugar level and increased heart rate. That’s why it is so important to practice with experience teachers or consult a doctor before coming to the class.

There are many benefits of hot yoga, such as detoxification, empowerment, improvement of endurance… Students in cold countries enjoy hot temperature – they feel their bodies are more open, more flexible, yoga is much easier!  They burn calories and stress, they sweat and get rid of toxins.

Surpass the Safe Zone!

When you are in a heated room; your blood flow increases making you feel more flexible than you actually are. Ligaments can be stretched, but up to a point! When you continue to stretch your ligaments in joint-heavy poses (and you may not feel the stopping point since the temperature switches off the pain) you run a high risk of tearing a ligament.

So our advice at Trimurti Yoga is to do hot yoga if it appeals to you, but listen to your body – that’s the most important. Walk out when you feel the heat is unbearable. Drink water – before, after, and whenever it is allowed during the class.

Unfortunately not all teachers are sensitive to allow you to do that- it may even get looked down upon! But remember – you are the most important person on the mat, so don’t take the risks that are too high if you don’t!

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