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Yin & Yoga Nidra TTC

Learn the unique combination of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra to teach relaxing and therapeutic yoga with acupressure points and ball therapy. Starting from 800 €.

This 50-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course certified by Yoga Alliance is designed to prepare yoga teachers (RYT 200, RYT 500, E-RYT) and yoga lovers to incorporate in their practice and teaching Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Many yogic tools heal our bodies and minds, but without a systematic knowledge and understanding we are not sure how to help ourselves and others.

At Trimurti Yoga we decided to combine Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra to create this unique 50-hour program focused on rebalancing our energetic and physical bodies, to nourish and nurture parasympathetic nervous system, and to learn the theory behind it. We will prepare you to include those beautiful ancient and modern healing techniques in your yoga sessions – for groups and for individual students – to widen your offer, and to respond to the needs of your clients.

This course is recommended for yoga teachers and students who already completed 200 TTC and want to collect hours under Continuing Education Program (YACEP), however we welcome also regular students who want to just deepen their own knowledge and self-practice.


At Trimurti Yoga we brought together Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra to present and explore deeply healing tools that you can use for yourself and your students. We combine Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra together with the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Art of Teaching Yin, Pranayama, Relaxation and Meditation.

Yin Yoga in the past few years  became one of the most popular yoga styles. Perhaps our everyday “Yang” lifestyle is so exhausting that we all naturally need to go more “yinside”…
Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with set asanas that are held for longer periods of time, and allow to apply gentle tension and compression to our tissues. The whole point of Yin practice is to relax the muscles as much as possible, and hence to target the deeper connective tissues – especially fascia, our “spiderweb”.
Yin Yoga is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and therefore intensively works with meridians and acupressure points targeting our organs and balancing the 5 Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a very powerful meditation and healing technique. It is a state of consciousness between being awake and sleeping, comparable to the “going-to-sleep” stage. It is a practice in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. In yoga nidra we remain in a state of light pratyahara with four of our senses internalised, that is, withdrawn, and only the hearing still connects us to the instructions. The yogic goal of both paths, deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation are the same – a state called samadhi.

The practice of yoga nidra has been found to reduce tension and anxiety. The autonomic symptoms of high anxiety such as headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, sweating and abdominal pain respond well. It has been used to help soldiers from war cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Following topics are covered in this program:


  • Yin Yoga practice & analytical training of Yin asanas
  • Groups of asanas and their functions in the context of Meridians and 5 Elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).
  • Yin yoga with different themes and focuses (anatomical, energetic, philosophical, emotional, TCM, therapeutic, etc.)
  • Meridian Hatha Yoga
  • Restorative yoga

Theory & Art of Teaching

  • The theory of Yin Yoga
  • The art of teaching Yin: sequencing, modifications, adjustments & props, themes and designing the classes
  • TCM & 5 Elements, meridian yoga
  • Yogic Anatomy
  • Science of Yoga Nidra
  • Art of teaching Yoga Nidra

Yogic Anatomy

  • Fascia theory
  • Nervous System
  • Prana
  • Pancha Koshas


    • Yoga Nidra
    • Mantra meditation
    • Visualisation


Time Class
7.00 am – 9.00 amMorning Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting + Asana Practice
9.00-10.00 amBreakfast Time
10.00-1.00 amTheory Sessions (Teaching Methodology, Yogic Anatomy)
1.00-3.00 pmLunch Break
3.00-4.30 pmPhilosophy & Art of teaching
5.30 – 7.00 pmEvening practice including gentle Asana Practice, Meditation, Breathing Techniques / Teaching Practicum

! PLEASE NOTICE that every group is a bit different, and sometimes our team needs to adjust or slightly change the program according to the skills, learning process and conditions of our students, therefore the content presented above is just a general guidance. Trimurti Yoga has all the rights to modify and change the elements of the program if needed, and we will inform the group about the modifications and reasons behind them. We have been teaching and training people for more than 9 years till now, so please kindly trust in the process. Namaste!

Course Duration

50 Hours

Course Pre-Requisite

No Pre Requisite