Vinyasa Flow Yoga


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The 200-Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga TTC certified by Yoga Alliance is designed to train you specifically in Vinyasa Flow yoga style in its all aspects – from traditional Vinyasa Krama Yoga to the modern creative, powerful and meditative flows.

Vinyasa Flow is one of the most popular yoga styles in the contemporary world. Vinyasa is a relatively young form of yoga – the style has developed just in the last century, however its roots we can find even in a traditional ancient HATHA YOGA – commonly known “Sun Salutation” is the best example of a proper vinyasa flow sequence.

In Vinyasa we combine the breath and the movement, so that we synchronise inhales and exhales with asanas and their transitions (especially during coming in and out of the pose) in the logical and the most efficient for our bodies way. Breath is our main guide which gives us the constant sense of presence, and transitions are smooth, so that the whole class feels like a moving meditation.

Vinyasa yoga teaches us to cultivate an awareness that links each action to the next – on the mat and in our lives.

Original Sanskrit word “Vinyasa” can be translated as “that which is progressive in a special way” – from “nyasamu” which means “progressive”, and “vi” which means “a special way.”

Vinyasa has different branches and aspects: from traditional and rigid “Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga” to the contemporary creative mix of dance and asanas, martial arts and asanas, or more fitness oriented “Power Yoga”.

Vinyasa Flow gives freedom, self-expression, strength, creativity, flexibility, awareness, and even fun!
Vinyasa can be practiced by all level students, but requires special modifications and proper understanding of precautions.

Our 200-hour Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training course is dedicated to those who want to go deeper into this particular style of yoga, and focus on learning sequencing and more modern asana practice.
There is no doubt that Vinyasa Teachers are the most wanted in a yoga field all over the world these days, so we prepared a special 200 TTC for Vinyasa lovers.

You will learn:

  • asana – Ashtanga and Vinyasa based yoga poses and classes, daily Vinyasa practice sessions
  • the most popular asanas with all-level modifications
  • the art of creating a yoga class, basic and advanced sequencing techniques
  • cueing – types of cueing and effective cueing strategies for dynamic styles
  • yoga philosophy / Patanjali Yoga Sutras with their contemporary approach
  • functional anatomy – asana based anatomy approach, bio-mechanics of the body
  • yoga science: basics of Ayurveda and 5 Elements
  • teaching methodology
  • alignment and adjustment techniques
  • regular teaching practice & mentoring


Time Class
6.30 – 7.00 amMorning pranayama, meditation, chanting
7.00 am – 9.00 amPractice Session (Hatha/Vinyasa)
9.00-10.00 amBreakfast
10.00-11.20 amAnatomy
11.40-1.00 pmPhilosophy
1.00-2.00 pmLunch Break
2.00-3.20 pmYoga Education, Teaching Methodology
3.40 – 5.20 pmAsana Clinic
5.40-7.00 pmEvening Reflection(asana) / Teaching Practice/Meditation

*Please notice that we may slightly change the schedule depending on the group, location, and due to other circumstances – always for the purpose of the best quality training provided to you.


Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (RYT 200)

Course Duration

200 Hours

Course Pre-Requisite

No Pre Requisite