Beautiful Bellies!

Prenatal Yoga Training at Trimurti Yoga

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in life when you can feel a whole new life thriving, growing inside of you. It also comes with its dosage of anxiety, stress and worries.

As always Yoga comes with a dose of help – including a daily ten minute breathing routine can make wonders –  you can relax, focus, and remind yourself of your inner trust!

Sit back with your back pressed against the wall. You can sit on a cushion for additional comfort.  Simply breathe in, feel you’re belly move beyond, and breathe in completely. Keep your hands on your belly and feel the connection with the life inside. Breathe out and relax.

Follow this daily to relieve yourself of anxiety, prepare your body for childbirth and feel the connection with your child!

Why is breathing important?

Breathing in and out in a rhythmic pattern, not only relives anxiety, it also prepares you for childbirth. During labour, it’s important to breathe in and breath out during the contractions. A daily connect with your body’s patterns will allow you to do this comfortably and aid a natural birth!

How about asanas?

Prenatal Yoga is a time to remind ourselves of our body’s divine capacity to bring a new being to the world

Asana practice can definitely prepare you for a better labour, but what is also important – regular prenatal yoga classes can help you to go through your pregnancy easier, more aware and healthier. Pregnancy can be a spiritual experience, brining you new experience and challenges, and letting you grow.

Not everything on the mat is allowed during pregnancy though! We need to exclude especially:

  • Prone positions (lying on the belly is not recommended from the very beginning to respect the space and comfort of your baby),
  • Deep twists (might be harmful especially in the first trimester)
  • Inversions (they are actually controversial, and have some advocates, but it is better to exclude them, even if not every doctor and yoga teacher would say so),
  • Uddiyana Bandha and contraction of abdominal muscles (you can still contract transversus abdominis, but try to avoid crunches and strong tension in your belly!)
  • retention of the breath and strong Pranayama (e.g. UJJAYI)  – holding the breath during pregnancy is not recommended for the safety of the baby and oxygen supply

Prenatal Yoga is dedicated to both – Mummy-to-be, and her Baby! they both should feel happy and safe on the mat!

Yoga during pregnancy should be dedicated to two, not only one of you. Both – you and your baby should feel great and comfortable together on the yoga mat. This divine union can build a strong foundation for your  future relationship to your child, and let you know each other better. Listening to your own body, and respect the needs of your “passenger” will help you to keep you both safer and happier!

Pregnancy is not easy, but it is an unforgettable and divine experience of your life. Yoga can help you to manage your body and mind – during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period.

Namaste Beautiful Bellies!

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