Asana Alphabet – Crow Pose


Crow pose (aka crane pose* some teachers claim that crane is different from the crow depending on the position of the knees on arms. It can be either on the triceps, or on the armpits, but for many students it is pre-determined by the body structure) – the most basic arm balance; strengthening the arms, wrists and core; balancing the mind, improving the concentration, focus, willpower, Manipura chakra.

Here is how you do it:


  1. Bend the knees slightly, bring your palms flat on the floor about shoulder distance apart. If you build your flow you can start from the squat.
  2. Place the knees on the back of the upper arms – either on triceps, or higher – even on the armpits (only if that’s comfortable)
  3. Start to come forward, lifting the head as you go.
  4. Take feet off the floor, one at a time, so you come to balance with both feet up.

Beginners: Try lifting one foot up at a time to get a feel for how far forward you need to bring yourself. Do not let your head drop. This will cause you to tip forward and lose balance. Put a blanket in front of you so you won’t be afraid of hitting your head if you fall. Everyone falls when learning this pose.

Arm balances improve your body awareness and control, focus (have you ever succeeded with talking on the phone during making a crow?) and will power. It supports Pingala – the Sun channel (YANG according to Chinese tradition). So if you have weaker days you might go for it to come back to balance!

And last, but not the least – arm balances are fun if you have a proper attitude. Remember, being distanced to yourself is a great virtue. Falling allows us to raise up:-) namaste!

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