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5 Reasons to Join 200-hour Multi-Style Yoga TTC

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course attracts two types of students. Some join TTC for an in-depth understanding of yoga, to re-connect with themselves, find inner balance and peace, and sometimes, even for therapy. For them, the one-month yoga program offers a conducive environment and exceptional support for seeking answers to personal questions through yoga. Experienced coaches and a great support system change the essence of TTC to Total Transformation Course, where you emerge as a better version of yourself.

The second type of students at TTC are those looking to become yoga teachers, they’ve practiced the art for a while, and now want to share it with others by enhancing their knowledge. They explore different tools and traditions to build their own style.

This eclectic dynamism of different types of students makes the 200 Hour Teacher Training Course a distinctive and enriching experience.

Still not sure if this is the ideal course for you? Check out 5 common reasons why others like you have loved our Teacher Training course!

Improve your understanding of yoga

With 10-12 hour-long classes every day, you have the opportunity to get in-depth understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga – from anatomy, alignment and adjustment techniques, teaching methodology, to yoga philosophy. Under the constant guidance of trainers, who give you tips, adjust your asanas, and suggest proper modifications, your understanding of yoga considerably grows. And since you spend so much time with yourself, you become more self-aware and conscious, which is anyway the main aim of yoga.

Discover your inner potential

Sometimes it’s hard to realize our own potential, as our perceptions, other’s opinions and past experiences cast a doubtful shadow. Here, trainers assess individuals on their strengths and challenges, closely working with every student to discover, and then, improve their individual potential. Our nine years of experience in training yoga teachers proves that not only every individual has their own distinct qualities, but all of these qualities can be used in a teaching yoga profession. That’s how you craft your own style.

Meet your true self

Sometimes, students wrongfully think that they are not ‘good enough’ or ‘flexible enough’ to join TTC. At Trimurti Yoga Goa & Bali, a safe and non-judgmental environment is our primary principle. There are no expectations and nothing to prove, so nobody needs to pretend anything or play ‘roles’. We work on everyone’s natural potential without projecting performances. There is no ‘level’ required, and there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ practices.

Anybody with an established yoga practice and an open mind can become a good yoga teacher. With a good team of trainers you meet and discover your true self, your inner voice as a teacher, and fall in love with your inner power! Discovering your passion can change your relationship with the most important person… yourself.

Discover new practices

200 Multi-style Yoga TTC gives you the opportunity to experience many different tools that other regular studios don’t. From pranayama, meditation, kriyas (cleansing techniques), philosophy, alignment and adjustment techniques, and through teachers from across the globe, you get to learn new tools and different teaching skills.

TTC opens gates to different opportunities by studying Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, and more. There’s no dogma, as we want our students to experience different flavours. Unless you explore, you can’t consciously choose what you want to practice or teach, and who you want to become.

Meet your tribe and build authentic connections

There is no better place to meet your tribe than Yoga Teacher Training Course “TTC”!
Find people from all over the globe who are connected to you due to similar values, stories, dreams and opinions. We might be different on many levels, but we’re all on the same path – that of growth and awareness. Spend an empowering month, support and learn from each other, and became part of one big yoga family.

One of the most profound moments during TTC is the closing ceremony; when we sit together in a circle chanting the last ‘OM’… the collective power reverberating with our own inner power is one of the purest and most beautiful feelings you’d ever experience with yoga. Join us for 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Bali.

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