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Why Trimurti Yoga

We are an International Yoga School located in India, Bali, Europe, New Zealand and Ecuador.

Our roots and the main location are in India – the motherland of Yoga. Here we started our trainings and retreats back in 2009 – at first in a cute little village in the Himalayas, and then in a beautiful forrest in South Goa. As we expanded, and our students continue our mission all over the world, you can meet our Yoga Teacher Training Courses and workshops in 10 different locations on 4 continents.

Whether you want to become a yoga teacher, or just deepen your own practice we will be truly happy if you join Trimurti Yoga community!

Trust of 5000 Students

We have trained more than 5000 students in last 10 years.

Yoga Alliance Certification

All the major courses are affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA.

5 Star Rated Schools

India's top rated school on Yoga Alliance. More than 300 reviews.

A truly global Yoga Teacher Training school

Trimurti Yoga centers are present in 6 countries across the world.

Bali, Indonesia

Yoga teacher training in Bali

Goa, India

Yoga teacher training in Goa

Hamburg, Germany

Yoga teacher training in Germany

London, UK

Yoga Teacher training in London

Dunedin, New Zealand

Yoga teacher training in New Zealand

Quito, Ecuador

Yoga teacher training in Ecuador

Trimurti Yoga Mission​

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We place great value on holding the perfect space for you to deepen your practice. Trimurti Yoga – Yoga Teacher Training School in India is a place of happiness, energy and vitality. It is a place of stillness, awareness and personal recreation. We provide a non-judgmental, non-dogmatic and non-competitive sanctuary for inspiration, self-development, self-discovery and growth. We believe an environment close to nature and set in beautiful surroundings to be the most conducive to yoga practice and learning.

Coming soon!

We promise to provide a yogic sanctuary for you to be inspired, develop, deepen and walk further along your yoga journey.

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Meet the teachers

Know more about those who will guide you in your yoga journey

Karo Sharma

E-RYT 500, PRYT, Trimurti Yoga Co-Founder & Program Director

Karo Sharma

Arya started his yogic practices at the age of 15, and was initiated into “Mantra Yoga” at the age of 17. He has been practicing yoga for over last 28 years
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Ajay Sharma

E-RYT 500, PRYT, Trimurti Yoga Co-Founder & Program Director

Ajay Sharma

Arya started his yogic practices at the age of 15, and was initiated into “Mantra Yoga” at the age of 17. He has been practicing yoga for over last 28 years
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Susheel Jain

Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), YACEP

Susheel Jain

Arya started his yogic practices at the age of 15, and was initiated into “Mantra Yoga” at the age of 17. He has been practicing yoga for over last 28 years
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Student Stories

We have trained more than 5000 students from across the world


lovely experience …does not matter if you are beginner in yoga or you want to deepen your knowledge as advanced yogi…trimurti is for everyone,good vibes,perfect place and professional teachers🙏

Posted by Kris Tinka on Saturday, April 11, 2020

Kris Tinka

Such an amazing experience, I found myself and a soul family. Precise teaching (practice and theory) I will never forget ♡ thank you !

Posted by May Ben Osman on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

May Ben Osman

When East meets west… I did my 300h YTT with Trimurti and it was such a great experience that goes way beyond the…

Posted by Megane Teisseire on Saturday, May 16, 2020

Megane Teisseire

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you love yoga and want to share it with others, but don’t know how to start? We have a good news for you: you can begin teaching yoga in no time! Sounds impossible? Not at all! You are in good hands – we know how to prepare you for creating safe and beneficial yoga classes. We’ve been training teachers from all over the world for the last 13 years, and we brought together the best team of teachers and experts from different corners of the globe to help you to start your teaching adventure. We built an effective program which will prepare you for teaching yoga within maximum 4 weeks! Our course will give you a 200-hour Yoga TTC certification that is the foundation to start teaching yoga all over the world.

There is no good answer to this question. Some people practice yoga for years before they feel the call to join a Yoga TTC, and some people very soon after discovering yoga take a professional course to study in depth from the very beginning. Also, not everybody who comes to a Yoga teacher training wants to become a teacher. All depends on your needs.

Training people for the past 12 years we noticed that your intention is the most important. If you feel that NOW is the time – go for it! Of course, we do recommend having some solid and regular yoga practice before coming to us, however your curiosity and your will to learn is the most important. Yoga Alliance recommends having 2 years of yoga experience before taking your first Yoga TTC.

300-hrs Yoga TTC is a second-level teacher training course that allows you to upgrade your professional career, and become a senior ‘Registered Yoga Teacher 500’. Before taking your 300-hrs Yoga TTC you should graduate from 200 YTTC, and have at least 100 hours of teaching experience, but if you don’t – don’t worry – we will help you to get some with our Internship Program. 

Yes, most of our students are ready to start teaching right after Yoga TTC. Of course, just like with any other skill or profession – you will need some time to get a bit more experience and confidence, but at the end of the course you already will have all that you need to start teaching yoga. The experienced team of our teachers will make sure you feel prepared and know answers to all your questions and doubts. It is a bit like with a driving licence – you get it to start a new adventure, and a lot to learn ahead, but you know how to drive! Being a part of Trimurti Yoga community will also help you to set up your professional career – we will guide you with how to prepare your CV, how to take care of your promotion and marketing, and how to build your brand.

200 hours yoga teacher training (YTTC 200) is a course dedicated to yoga practitioners who want to study yoga in depth, and get certified for teaching yoga. 

The course consists of practical classes and workshops (both guided and analytical), as well as various theory classes. The aim of 200-hour yoga teacher training is to prepare you for teaching yoga with safety and confidence.

At Trimurti Yoga you will study:

  • the history of yoga
  • yogic science
  • yoga philosophy
  • anatomy & physiology
  • body bio-mechanics
  • alignment & adjustments 
  • asana clinic
  • chakras and energetic body
  • basics of Ayurveda
  • classes in different yoga styles: hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin & restorative yoga, aerial yoga, partner yoga
  • art of teaching yoga
  • sequencing
  • communication for yoga teachers
  • the principles of observation, demonstration and instructions
  • business aspects of teaching yoga and professional development
  • teaching practicum

At the end of this course you will be able to teach classes according to the chosen style.

We start each day early morning. It is believed that the hours before the sunset are the most auspicious and pure (‘sattvic’). The classes start at 6 am, but the yoga shala is open even before that – students can enter it at any time to meditate, listen to the nature, their own music or to follow their personal routine. At 6 am we start with pranayama, meditation and chanting. RIght after that there is an asana practice (usually 1,5-2 hours). At 9 am we have a breakfast and one hour break. At 10 am we start with lectures – usually anatomy and philosophy. Between the classes you will have 10-15 minutes break for your coffee or smoothie.

At 1 pm we have another long break, this time for lunch. After that, at 2 pm we start the afternoon block of classes, and usually it is time for the art of teaching. At 3.30 pm we have a practical workshop of alignment & adjustment techniques (so called ASANA CLINIC), during which we deconstruct main asanas for you, and let you practice and teaching one another. Every day finishes at 7 pm with a beautiful evening asana practice together, usually with a special message, that’s why we call it “AN EVENING REFLECTION”. Sometimes we also watch some documentary together or have a music event. 

On Saturdays you will have a half day off, and Sunday is totally free – so that you can rest, study, or visit local beaches or other attractions.

200-hrs Yoga Teacher Training gives you a Yoga Alliance approved certification that allows you to start teaching yoga all over the world. If you want to deepen your yoga practice and knowledge, but you don’t want to teach yoga professionally – you can take one of the  shorter courses –  50-hour or 100-hour Yoga TTC will give you some tools and techniques (according to the chosen module), but without a teaching certification. Of course, with every course you upgrade your teaching qualifications. All of our 100-hour courses are classified as Continuing Education Programs – it means that if you have your 200-hour certificate already you can upgrade your curriculum with CEP hours (Yoga Alliance requires 45 hours of CEP every year). Our programs online can also give you CEP credits, so check out our online courses: self myofascial release, yin yoga or prenatal yoga!

It all depends a bit on your situation, preferences and possibility to travel. Our main yoga school is in Goa, India, and Bali, Indonesia. We also opened through years schools in other locations adapting a bit to the local environment. There is a beautiful Trimurti Yoga school in New Zealand, but courses there are non residential and run for 10 weekends, similarly we run courses in London. Other places have residential Yoga TTC, so that you can leave your life for a few weeks, check-in in one of our resorts, and completely dedicate your time and attention to yoga studies. Not everyone can do it, hence we adapted different locations to the local needs. Recently, due to Covid 19 we adapted our programs also for online studies, and surprisingly it works pretty well! So if you cannot travel and meet us in person you can join our online Yoga TTC.